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I take payment in points or Paypal USD! **no longer taking CC

Icon- 2.50$ or 350 :points:

Chibi- 4$ or 600 :points:

ch_8 by Ariamousech_5 by Ariamouse

Full Body- 10$ or 1200 :points:

Cockatiel Mouse by Ariamouse

Mouse Profile- 12$ or 1400 :points:

[Mouse Profile] Cocowishi by Ariamouse [Mouse Profile] Cookie by Ariamouse [Mouse Profile] Mogueta by Ariamouse

  • Payment must be sent first
  • Refunds are based upon how much of the drawing I have already done. 30% if I finished 70%, 80% if I finished 20%, and so on.
  • Yes, you MAY use your commissioned piece (reupload, put on profile, use as icon, etc) as long as there is credit!
  • An extra character would just be double the price
  • Points commissions cost more due to the 2-week wait and the GUPP fee
  • if you make me draw the 4001 hat i may be unable to finish your commission due to DEATH so keep in consideration ur dear artist

If you're interested in a non-TFM commission, go here: Commissions Pricelist